Electrical Inspections Sunshine Coast

An electrical inspection is the in-depth checkup of the electrical connections and wires that you have at the home. If you want to call an electrical inspector, it has to be the person who is authorised from the government and municipality. That person has to be familiar with the law codes and requirements of the area you are living to ensure your electrical connections comply with the law.

In other words, electrical inspection has only one purpose — to protect you and anyone else on that property from potential accidents.


Residential and Commercial Electrical Inspection

If you are building a home or an office, you are familiar that all wiring installations need to go through electrical inspection before they are installed. We offer you services for both rough and final inspection. The first one is done before the wires are covered by wall materials, while the second comes later when the construction is fully completed. Both of those inspection stages are required by law, and if you send us your request our detail-oriented team will come and do the necessary work. They possess all the tools to do every stage of check-up, no matter how complicated that task may be.

We are dedicated to providing personalised service to each client, so it doesn’t matter whether you bought a new property and you want to have peace in mind by inspecting everything or you are starting from the ground and you need approval that your installations meet all the requirements for electrical safety.


What to Expect During Electrical Inspection

Our licenced and qualified electrician will come to your home or office and check different components of the electrical system. Those checks include everything, even the quality of any work that has been done in the past. Aside from that, we will see whether electrical panels meet the current codes required by the law. Those codes change from time to time and people don’t usually pay attention to that. That’s why we are here, to see whether they need an upgrade or not.

We will find any possible issues and give you detailed analyses. This way, you will know what you need to repair and how fast you have to act. If you do electrical inspections regularly, you will lower the risk of any complications that may occur and you will be sure all of your equipment meets the newest standards.

Some of the other things we will check are:

  • The complete wiring method
  • Does your electrical system has corrosion protection
  • Is the wiring method suitable for your house or building construction

As you can see, our experienced team members will check every inch of your property. We don’t allow ourselves any mistakes and you can be sure the service we provide is reliable and accurate.


Book Electrical Inspections Sunshine Coast Service Today!

As with anything in life, preventive is always a better choice than an emergency fix. It’s much better to schedule one electrical inspection rather than spending money on sudden repairs, asking yourself what was the thing that caused the problem.

By investing in electrical inspection, you are investing in one of the most important forms of preventative maintenance you can get. Aside from that, you are investing in something that doesn’t really have a price — safety of your family members.

You can send us a message or call us. Customer representatives will schedule an appointment when it suits you the most, and you won’t even realise we are there. If you are a business owner, there is no need to stay after working hours. Our team is experienced to do the inspection without distracting your employees. We are fast, well-equipped and above all, reliable.